"These private classes take place as an informal conversation, which makes you feel more active than in a traditional class. Adrienne and I identified the points to improve in the beginning and we readjust according to my progress or my persistent difficulties. The class is really customised. Topics of everyday life or provided by the environment (we're outdoors!) alternate with predetermined topics related to my job. The fact of not being locked in a room helps to react more spontaneously and to appropriate the language in a more natural way with "small talk." This method allows for incorporating more traditional exercises, pronunciation in my case. And do not be fooled by Adrienne’s smile and cheerfulness, if she wants you to correctly pronounce the terrifying "The" as an English speaker, it will happen."

- Cécile, Microsoft Canada

"I recently had the urge to practice my spoken English with an Anglophone, and that's the wonderful opportunity I had with my job. Even more exciting, instead of being indoors in a conference room, it's outside! Adrienne is a great teacher, nice and always helpful.

This autumn, we walked. Since last week, we’ve been snowshoeing, like we'll do all winter. Sometimes, before Christmas, we had coffee in a warm place when it was pouring rain outside, instead of going on Mount Royal, like we usually do.

The class forces me to escape from my computer, free my mind and do physical activity, all of that coupled with practicing my English. We have exercises to do between classes and words to review, but don't worry, it doesn't take much time!"

- Hélène, Microsoft Canada

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